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rock is that music that lets u headbang and lets u let ur emotions run wild..rock is the music that is about being stupid 4 fun and not because u wanna look cool ..the music that is loud and awesome ..not like hip hop..and that shit..
awesome-loud-noise-that-kicks-ass=thats rock man thats rock
by the chinaman July 05, 2006
love..its when ur with the person that you can talk to..when ur better than best friends..when u touch..it sets up a feeling in ur core..even the smallest brush..love makes is whats u take risks to be with a person so badly because without that person it hurts ..u cant really explain what love is..its just something u go with ..and hope u hav the time of ur life
spending time with that person ..and trying 2 show affection with her...while trying 2 do it under her dads nose ..=D get it?? lmao and doing stuff that u wouldnt normaly do with other ppl or with him/her b4 u were in love =D love is great
by the CHINAmaN July 05, 2006
wikipedia...its that site that tells u everything and things u wouldnt hav known...like how pineapples arent grown in trees ..yeah.. i know..thier grown in fields...lmao look it up on wikipedia.org
um..the site that will take over the world if it became 2 smart get it? wikipedia man..
by the CHINAmaN July 05, 2006

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