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One who is narrrowly or intolerantly devoted to his or her opinions and prejudices. This word is a general term that applies to everyone (racists, anti-Semites, misogynists, homophobes and xenophobes).
Just as whites can be bigots, so can blacks, browns and yellows.
by The Thinker June 21, 2003
A Spanish word for "informer." It could also mean "rat" or "stool pidgeon."
...he had chivatos like that working for him, his judgment stinks. (Alejandro Sosa, the Bolivian cocaine from the 1983 movie Scarface)
by The Thinker August 04, 2004
a document of a person's arrest history.
Tony Carlo has a rap sheet as long as my arm.
by The Thinker July 25, 2004
Disparaging term for a Russian or Eastern European
by The Thinker June 21, 2003
A boss in an organized crime, typically La Cosa Nostra (Italian-American mob)
caporegime(lieutenant or captain)
by The Thinker June 21, 2003

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