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a player of yugioh who gets to win almost ever game by useing synchro monsters
bob is a synchro noob for useing snychro monsters.
by the only real ninja here January 06, 2010
The opposite of a pro gamer

this person is good at playing video games even though they don't get payed to do it.
Bob is a gaming pro at super smash brothers.
by The only real ninja here January 08, 2010
The act of grabbing the base of a penis and pushing all the blood to the head in order to make it up to 3 times as hard and almost make it "pop"
dude my girlfriend gave me a blowjob while she was cockpoping me.
by the only real ninja here December 21, 2009
Usually happens in school it starts with one guy saying penis the next saying it louder.This repeats until someone gets caught they lose and everyone else wins.
It begins the penis game is on
Hey to the office
by the only real ninja here February 03, 2010
The ultimate weapon is Goldeneye 007 for the N64 One hit to the chest gives an instant kill.It is Bonds equal to the Chuck Norris Heart Punch.
Angry russian:Ha you dont even have a weapon
Bond:Yes i do*Pulls out slappers*
Angry russian:what are you going to do with that?
Bond:*Hits angry russian in chest*
Angry russian:*overly dramatic death sequence*
by The only real ninja here March 06, 2010
The Black Girl Graph is a graph representing black women:
50% Fat
15% Gang related
10% purple vaginas
10% ugly
10% pancake nipples
5% hot
The Black Girl Graph is represented here*points to graph*
by the only real ninja here February 20, 2010
To force sexual intercourse upon someone.

also serves as a severe double standard

When a man rapes a woman she is scarred for life and causes that man to go to prison where he gets raped in the shower by a black man with a huge cock

when a woman rapes a man it is one of the greatest things that could ever happen to that man.if he should be stupid and retarded and tell on her every friend he ever had should go up to him and kick him in the balls so he could not pass on his stupidity to a new generation.
DUDE youll never guess what happened to me!


this hot ass asian chick raped me

omg where were you when this happened?you know so i could go check it out.
by the only real ninja here December 20, 2009

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