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1) Substitution for "Greetings!"
2) Dislexic Rabbi speak
3) Filler-speech when a need to look "gangsta" is at hand
4) Half of a "Yo-yo"
1) "Yo Homeslice!"
2) "Yo vei!"
3) "Dat Crunk Cup is the shit, yo yo yo!"
4) "I... forgot... mah... helmet... on... da... short... bus... wiff... mah... Yo-... *drools and falls off highchair*"
Shorter form of the insult "Retarded Retard".
Used mainly by Clerks fans.
No honestly, it looks like it was put together by a Re-Re!
To gain erotic pleasure from rubbing up against random strangers in crowded public areas.
When you feel somebody "Accidently" bump in to you or touch you and they "Apologize"... They are creaming their pants... That, my friend, is Frotterism!
A goblet or chalice that "pimps" carry around with them at social gatherings. Usually ridiculously decorated in a "sparkly" fashion. In fact, it looks like someone gave a kid with ADD infinite access to a "Bedazzler" and a china cabinet. Usually carries around "Cristal" (krih-stahl) immitations and such.
"That cup's spackled more with diamonds than my toilet with shit after I eat too mush Taco del Mar!"
"Word dawg, thass a Crunk Cup all up in dis."
"So that's what happened to my goddamn Bedazzler..."
"Niggah what?"
Used to simplify such expressions as:
"No Shit!"
Der, I think I know how to be bling-blingin'it up!
An awesome form of speedbump, mainly involving screaming and blood effect
Your brand new kitten
Word Meaning "That is correct", when something is well said. Also acceptable: Word
Snoop Dog in the house, Fosheezie!
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