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Poser; One who conforms to other people's ideas, has no original ideas, and tries to be someone they're not. They typically ditch their original group of friends to try and hang out with people that are "cool" in hopes of becoming popular. They will also go out and buy a mass order of "cool" clothes from Hot Topic or something.

Signs of a Poser - 1. The poser will start hanging out with people you would never expect. 2. They will change their style of clothes. e.g. They will wear tennis shorts but will soon be wearing skinny jeans and tight jackets. 3. Potential poser name: First name: Vance; Last name: La
Person 1: "Hey, you know Vance?"

Person 2: "Vance La?"

Person 1: "Yeah, him."

Person 2: "Yeah. He's such a poser. No one likes him."
by thatwatuget4beingafaggotVance April 16, 2010

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