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Beautiful but doesn't know it.
Unique, smart, & has an amazing smile.
Deserves the absolute best in life.
She may not be a 10/10 but her personality is definitely worth getting to know her. Everyone loves her.

Shy but very outgoing once you get to know her. Hides her insecurities by being awkward yet hilarious.

The most kind and loyal girl.
She never breaks a promise and never tells others' secrets.
She gives, not requesting anything in return.
She doesn't need a reason to be nice.

She may be shy, but is open to meet new people.
She is never quick to judge unless she is given a reason to.
Don't break her down because she is already broken.
Guy 1: Wow man, count yourself lucky that you actually know Kaela.
Guy 2: Yeah, I know. She's amazing.

Friend 1: I need to tell you something important.
Friend 2: Whoa, no. Stop right there. Go tell Kaela cause I'm gonna end up running my mouth haha
Friend 1: Oh, you're right. What was I thinking telling you?
Friend 2:.........-_-

Person 1: Omg I love Kaela.
Person 2: Who doesn't?
by thatsnotmynameq September 15, 2013
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