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crazy ex-marine who thought it would be a good idea to teach science to smart(ass) kids. loved by many. frequently challenges students to races, but then backs down. likes to eat fruit in front of hungry students. has a crazy mustache that is quite arguably liked more than he is.

-caught a leprechaun
-ran into justin bieber
-met sarah palin
-stole a rock from a national park
-owns a mask with polar bear hair

the last one two are the only ones that he can back it up. the rock is rock-colord and large. polar bear fur is soft.

is rumored to be unable to hear a certain frequency. this theory has been tested and proved.

is easily excited (a.k.a, loves to yell), loves to tell people they are late and give lunch detentions.
by thatonegirls96 April 07, 2011
1. When somebody does not know if they are counted as Asian or not.

2. Or, a confused Pacific Islander.
1. This guy's from the Philippines, he's a total Asian Tim.

2. Asian Tims are native to places like Polynesia and Micronesia.
by thatonegirls96 March 29, 2011

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