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The focus of a man's (or lesbian/Bi female's) attention when speaking to a female.

A group or department of people working together who collectively have less intelligence then that which would be considered normal or average.
Bob stared at Jillians' ample boobs for the duration of their conversation and Jillians' sly smile led him to believe she enjoyed the attention Bob gave her boobs.

The human resources department is full of boobs, having lost my paperwork 3 times.
by thatguy011071 January 12, 2010
A combination of clothing and cleavage that makes a females breasts look large. Can also be used to describe a naturally big breasted female.
That push up bra and tight sweater make Jennifer look Boobular.
by thatguy011071 January 12, 2010
What a female would use to hold up very large breasts, industrial strength.
Janice mentioned that her extra large breasts can only be held up by a boulderholder.

I think Janice's boulderholder is also bulletproof.
by thatguy011071 January 12, 2010
The feeling a man or a lesbian gets when putting his or her face between very large breasts.

A very simple trap that catches a boob.
Bob felt boobtrapped when Lauren put her very large breasts in his face.

Bob boobtrapped the moron who was stealing his chickens every night.
by thatguy011071 January 12, 2010
When a Police Officer or other authority figure representing a government or private entity searches you by using his or her hands. This is usually done to hot, boobular females by both male authority figures and females who would rather the touch of a woman's body to that of a man's. In most cases after cop a feel is completed the female and or male being "copped" is let go unless a serious felony has occurred. "Cop a feel's" usually only occur when an authority figure is bored and or horny.
Barbara felt kinda turned on when the female police officer pushed her over the trunk of her car, spread her legs and did an in depth cop a feel.
by thatguy011071 January 12, 2010

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