2 definitions by thatgirlissuchalauren

A nice Ontario city on Lake of the Woods full of native culture and no good place to shop, anywhere. Very beautiful scenery and way too many deer, I mean we might as well kill half of their population or soon there will be more of them, then of us. Our population doubles with Manitobans in the summer who come just for our lakes and to drive around like maniacs or to drive us crazy. We have a giant fish statue and people think that is very special.
Tommy: It was so fun to go fishing in Kenora.

Jane: I wanted to go shopping, this place sucks.

Dad: Lets see how many people honk at us as we drive 15km/h through this roundabout!

Mom: What a beautiful town, stupid mosquitoes why don't they go kill some of the deer here.
by thatgirlissuchalauren May 09, 2011
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