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The greatest way to piss of an RA, next to shitting on the floor. Usually played in the halls of a dorm. Its similar to hockey. There are two goals (tipped over long trash cans, worth one point) and one bonus goal (a square recycling bin standing up, worth two points). There are five people per team, one goalie (janitor) and four others (sweepers). Teams are defined by the color speedo they wear. The object of the game is to get a small beach ball (the urinal cake) into one of the goals, using traditional brooms. Penalties result in the loss of a key and if you lose two keys you are out of the game. The only team currently recognized by ABBAMA (American Broom Ball Association of Michigan of America)is at the University of Michigan's Summer Dive Camp.
Derek: "Man how can we piss Trisha off tonight?"
Ed: "I know, Broom Ball"
Derek: "Totally, let's go steal a ton of brooms and shit."
by thatdude21 January 12, 2009

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