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Best suburb ever. Located in the Hills District, North-Western Sydney, Australia. Lots of greenery and wildlife!
I wish I lived in Carlingford!
by that_would_be_me September 06, 2010
A nickname for the Sydney Roosters; one of the teams in the NRL competition.

This term was widely used before the 90's.

Best. NRL. Team. Ever.
Go the Mighty Easts!!
by that_would_be_me September 16, 2006
This hot Sydney Roosters player is well-known for his ability in rugby league... and his HOTNESS.

His only mistake was those pink pants...

He has represented:
-New South Wales in State of Orgin,
-City for the City vs Country match, and
-Australian Kangaroos.
Person 1: Do you go for the Roosters because Craig Wing plays for them?
Person 2: No, but it's an advantage. ;)
by that_would_be_me September 16, 2006
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