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Patapsco High, Center of the Arts
Known for its apparently prestigious magnet program which attracts the best artists, dancers, singers and musicians around. It was also recently given the title of "One of the best high schools in the country" which anyone who has spent more than an hour inside said school would call a crock of shit.

Its located in Dundalk, one of the lowest level places in good ol' MD and is also nearby a septic treatment facility, which basically means you get a good whiff of refined shit each morning on your way to school.
We probably have enough stoners, wiggers and pregnant chicks for you to mistake us for the shooting location of Jersey Shore. You'd be lucky to go through the hallways without getting caught up in a fight. You'd be even more fortunate to catch sight of our new principal, whom most students have only seen at an assembly or two.

We at least have a diverse selection of students, from idiotic hipsters (Art students), legit drama whores, (drama students), elitists (Music students)and an overflowing rush of wanna be gangsters and whores.

We have a fake army system, a football team which no one talks about because they're terrible, and lunch fries that no one has ever eaten.
Enjoy your 4 year stay at paradise.
Slogan of Patapsco is "What's that smell?" because we might as well laugh at ourselves along with the rest of the state.
by that one art student September 03, 2012
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