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a social class, however we spread into other social classes as well. In fact, usually the only official geek social class is a small ring of friends.
There are suce a large variety of geeks, its impossible to find how many there are. The most all-including definition is that a geek will demand on being called a geek, not a nerd. A geek can be the most popular person in school or the most outcast one. The only more precise description is that the average geek will be extremely cynical towards any new school policy. If you came here to find out if someone's a geek, you'll never know. I'm only working on personal experiences. I'm a geek, so I know at least a little bit. anyone who is a geek will be able to know if anyone else is a geek.
Joe was walking down the halls, attempting to find friends. He finally found Frank, a nice enough guy who was relatively popular. Joe, however, identified him as a geek. Then he realized that, according to the urban dictionary entry, he was therefore a geek. He also realized that this scenario was the example. Would it follow him forever? He felt horrible. The only way was to kill himself. He found a pen and stabbed it in his eye.
--a very geeky example--
by that guy who knows everything November 24, 2010

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