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All wannabes are bad, but Emo wannabes annoy me the most. They can usually be seen wearing a band top/hoodie which they don't even listen to, jeans or black trousers, fake Converse or chunky trainers, cheap black & red or black & white stripy gloves, wrist bands (usually checkered) and braclets, stitch band names on their school bags and put badges of HIM and Greenday on their hoodie and/or bag, and if they take their wannabe-ness to another level, they might dye their hair black and/or get a stud. They usually have no knowledge whatsoever of the Emo music and how the whole thing works, but they want to be differant so they turn to the emo crowd. One day they think to themselves: "I want to be cool like that guy" so the next school day the completly change their look and have a go at their friends for because they don't like Emo music, even though they don't know it themselves. In their MSN names, they sometimes display flowers (which usually face down), the letters are "uSuAlLy SpElT lIkE tHiS" and make up a very un-convincing depressing quote. They will also try to be random, which means they'll pretend to find 'cheese' and 'pie' funny.
Scene Kid: So what's your favourite Fallout Boy song?

Emo wannabe: Umm.... the one with that reindeer guy!

Scene Kid: You mean "Sugar, we're going down"?

Emo wannabe: Oh yeah that's what it's called I forgot!

Scene Kid: Haha! You're such a wannabe loser...
Usually a girl, the stereotypical Plastic originates from the US of A. Their parents are usually rich, they have to flirt with their daddy and act like a daddys girl to get what they want from their dad, and they are the envy of most girls at their school. They're known to be bitchy, backstabbing, flirtatious (only with the Jocks), and just down-right mean. Their parents are rich enough to afford to buy them REAL designer labels such as Gucci, D&G, and Prada. They think they're better than anyone, and look down on anyone who isn't like them, i.e grungers, goths, nerds, and the poor. Watch the movie "Mean Girls" to get more insight on these horrible girls.
Plastic: Daddy, I need £300 for a new Gucci hangbag

Daddy: But sweety, I don't have enough money this week.

Plastic: BUT DADDY, I WANT IT! {Looks at Daddy in a flirtatious way}

Daddy: Oh okay...

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