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Where suck-ups and star athletes thrive but normal kids get pushed aside. The competition for a high school is ridiculous. Awards and recognition by teachers are more important than true friends. The headmaster is as good of a speaker as George Bush and the Dean articulates like he has an IQ of 8. There are some really good teachers but the majority need to go back to college and get a teaching degree because they don't make sense during class.
Previous definitions failed to mention how most of the guys aren't much better than the girls. The guys who are pricks think they are gods but when they get to college their asses will be pummeled and then they'll cry. Dating a Brother Rice boy seems to make them mad because they are "rivals" both on and off the field (idiots). The girls always seem to dress exactly the same on casual days. We have girls who come up with retarded acronyms for their names. (seriously WHO DOES THAT?!?) Some people think that their entire grade is friends with eachother but that is bullshit. Just because you're "popular" doesn't mean everyone likes you. Most are just entertained by your blatant acts of stupidity.
Restriction and restraints are how they control us. There is NO school spirit, it dies a little more each time new rules like "No more Jenga during study halls it gets too 'rowdy'" are made. We are watched constantly like criminals. Retared rules are made for everyone because the administration is too afraid to punish just a few students because those student's parents donate money (or they are the child of an administrator).
Besides, what the fuck kind of name is "Detroit Country Day"?! We aren't that close to Detroit but we aren't out in the country either and where does the "Day" even come from?!
If you still go to DCDS and can't get out just remember; stay under the radar of the assholes (adults and kids alike) and you'll be fine...that or just give all the jackasses hell.
And to the two people who wrote before me; it sounds like we are already friends and if we aren't we should be. ;)
And if any fuckin dick writes something after this that tries to defend Country Day or ridicule these definitions I just want to tell them that they are the exact person that most despised. But hey be who you are, it takes all kinds and I don't give a flying fuck.
public schooler: "hey you seem bitter. where did you go to school?"
country day student : "...i paid for prison"
public schooler: "?..oh yeah i hear Detroit Country Day is a bitch"
:another example below:
kiss ass: "omigod! sign my yearbook?"
person with a soul: *thinking 'wow you are SO fake'* "ummm...yeah sure" *writes 'please do not keep in touch'*
by thankgodigraduatesoon June 02, 2006

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