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2 definitions by th3 protege

Usually not the brightest people in Wisconsin/Minnesota.

When roads are horrible they think since they have 4 wheel drive the interstate turns into the autobahn.

Usually like to talk about things like being a confederate, farming, and drinking beer.
The last time I drove home from work in a blizzard a pick up truck driver flew by me, apparently 35 mph wasn't good enough for him like it was the rest of us, he was going 85...asshole.
by th3 protege January 03, 2009
The sound a drunk college student makes when trying to tell his friends, who aren't listening and don't care, of a shooting scene he saw previously in a movie.
Hey guys...guys...GUYS! I was watching Die Hard 4 today and Bruce Willis was all like pachew pachew to all the bad guys.
by th3 protege January 02, 2009