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something that most females usually aspire to be. having like no meat at all on their bones.
young women tend to get overly cocky when theyre skinny. and often think they need to lose even more weight to be "beautiful"
when really they look stupid as hell and look like damn walking sticks and have absolutley NO ass or boobs or hips at all and still like to call themselves fat infront of lots of people just so they can feed their egos when those people say "oh your not fat, youre skinny as hell"

thats what makes those dumb bitches feel like the way they look is anything good when really they aint got shit.

i like to call them crackhead lookin bitches.
Look at that crackhead lookin bitch! damn she skinny as hell! dude that looks nasty as a mofo man!
by tgizz July 18, 2008

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