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stands for "not worth texting". can be used when someone sends you a text along the lines of "haha yea" or some other bull pucky that is really just spam in your inbox.
girl - "oh that's cool. i didn't think about that before. why do you think that happened?"

boy - "haha idk."

girl - "wow, NWT BITCH"
by texting_while_driving April 19, 2009
a verb, 'to skrebes' pronounced 'skree-bus'. can be used to replace any verb in the english language to give it a humorous meaning.
ow she's been skrebesing around here all day! it's creeping me out!
(used in place of creeping)

god i'm so hungry i could skrebes a whole horse right now.
(used in place of eat)

I'm gonna skrebes you.
(used in place of i don't know what)
by texting_while_driving April 19, 2009
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