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someone who intentionally tells a girl or guy you are trying to hook up with something bad about you in hopes the hook up will think your scum so they can nail the hook up themselves.
I was this close to taking Jennifer home last night until that knee chopper Tommy told her I banged her roommate the night before.
by texashabsfan June 15, 2009
Substitution of dinner, when you don't come home when you are supposed to, go to the bar instead and come home drunk expecting to be fed by your wife, girlfriend mother or significant other. Usually consists of significant other yelling and screaming and possibly throwing objects. May also be some low muttering under wifes breath.
I went out to watch the game last night with the boys and when I got home all I had for dinner was big bowl of Grumble Soup.
by texashabsfan June 15, 2009
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