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4 definitions by tewkewl

Legal Seafood for Black People
White guy: I went to legal seafood the other day. It was quite tasty.
Black guy: Maaaayng, I went to reyt lobsta (Red Lobster) d'udduh day. Iz gewd! Fo SHO! my baby mamma, she love dem skrimp! And iz a classy joint meng!
by tewkewl February 10, 2011
The nigglet incorrect version of "had gone"
He had went to the sto... because he was fraid he goin' be last one to spend his fitty cent he sole.

I had went to the market
by tewkewl April 21, 2008
Derogatory term for black Muslim created from combining the word "nigger" and the word "muslim".
Damn Nuslims, freakin blew up another building.
by tewkewl July 25, 2011
Oral Sex is not cheating
Arnold looked up slowly and spoke with an accent... "eating is not cheating"
by tewkewl January 02, 2009