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Santa Clara University: Jesuit university in the south San Francisco Bay Area known for its school of Business as well as other liberal arts and humanities. It also has a world renown (thanks to Bend It Like Beckham) men and women soccer team.
I go to Santa Clara University because their women's soccer players are HAWT!
by tensai March 21, 2004
To intentionally respond to a request with something similar to (but not what was requested) without the requesting party's knowledge; to beguile.
Can I borrow your keys?
Sure man (hands a door key over)
Fuck man, you trying to ossle me?
by Tensai December 13, 2004
Like calling a person or something 'gay' but with a stronger emphasis. Likening the gayness to that of the world's for the past few years.
epopolinsky's whole style is some serious mellenium homo.
by tensai June 03, 2004
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