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5 definitions by tendonitis

like real charades. except dirty. and more fun. watch your drunk friend act out dirty sanchez or donkey punch. comedy at its best.
caution: often ends up in all out brawls over the rules. even though there are none.
"dude, we were playing xxx charades and rachel had to act out t-bagging. she ended up punching someone in the face."
by tendonitis September 01, 2008
34 16
1.a man who is behaving badly or acting more rude, immature, insensitive, jerky, or anal than usual. deemed eligible for a major bitchslap.
*also known as a douchetard.*

2.counterpart to the female 'dis' cuntcake.

3. a man who is practicing poor personal hygeine for no apparent reason to the point it may result in a "dingleberry of the dick"
"god, it must be his 'time of the month. he is acting like a total fucking dicknugget today"
"hey dicknugget! put down the video game control... get your lazy ass off the couch and fucking take a shower. your damn taint is starting to smell!!"
by tendonitis September 01, 2008
9 3
A slang term for male genitalia. Usually used in the context of masturbation.
"When my chick won't let me hit it, I just jiggle my glig"
by tendonitis September 01, 2008
6 3
Slang for "jacking off"
"Usually before a big night out, if I think I will score; I spend a little time jiggling the glig"
by tendonitis September 01, 2008
5 3
1. an inflamation of a tendon.

2. a clever and shocking "nickname" to use when introducing a friend at a mexican restaurant. Meant to embarass said friend, confuse the waiter and provide years of future laughter at the thought.
waiter: "welcome to los dos amigos."

you: "hi, i am ryan. this is my girlfriend julia, and this is our friend tendonitis.

waiter: *walks away because he doesn't understand english and now you don't get any fucking tortillas*
by tendonitis September 01, 2008
7 7