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A hot, thirty-something actor that plays Michael on Prison Break. He's also been in a bunch of Mariah Carey comeback videos, done some modeling, and was in the Human Stain playing a younger Anthony Hopkins.
He's half white and half black and he's got the same name as his dad. He studied English at Princeton meaning he's probably the smartest hot guy you'll ever meet.
Girl 1: Did you see Prison Break last night?!
Girl 2: Yea, Wenty looked so cute in his prison uniform!
Girl 1: Sigh.. I wish Wentworth Miller would date me but he's like in his freaking thirties and people are starting to think he's gay.
Girl 2: GAY?!
Girl 1: Cuz he doesn't have a girlfriend, duh!
by teli April 05, 2006
a japanese store with cheap ass stuff
oh heeyyy i went to daiso and got a pillow, slippers, a nail cutter, and a house for my dog. all for $1.50.
by teli October 04, 2007
Waterparks, one is located in San Dimas, CA and the other in San Jose, CA. The San Dimas one is (from what I've heard) about a hundred times better than the San Jose one. Sucks because I live in San Jose.

It's also an ok place to work, as long as you're not stuck in picnics or park service. It sucks to be a ticket taker in admissions too. Those three places are usually where you're put if you can't count money well (therefore you can't work on registers) or you just suck at life. A major plus to working here (and a way of biting the big bosses in the ass) is by stealing food, money, and merchandise. Or you can just hook your friends up with everything. We all gotta do something since we get paid minimum wage and work hella fucking hard.
Girl: so where do you work at again?
Guy: Raging Waters.
Girl: Ohh.. so you're a slave.
Guy: Pretty much.
by teli August 09, 2006
when you slap a bitch so hard they go "doo!"
i slappa doo'd the shit outta that bitch...
by teli August 09, 2006
a pretty fittie, usually applies to a girl or a feminine looking guy
why hello there ms. fittie-mcprettie...
by teli August 09, 2006

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