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To rinse, usually with fresh water.
{From a flashlight reviews website}: ...or if it falls next to the mailbox and the dog pisses on it, just take the garden hose to it or douche it off under the faucet...good as new!

Helen: Please be certain to douche off those dishes before loading them into the dishwasher.

Norm: Yesh, I douched out that cooler with the hose, so it shouldn't stink at all any more.
by Telephony December 06, 2011
This is a nice way of saying "piss ant".
Joe from Juneau is such a big piddle wingless hymenoptera! I really hope he has a efilnikufesin (Nice Fuckin' Life)!!!
by Telephony September 25, 2010
A true buttsnoipe who leads a number of surrounding individuals into total asshaberdashery.
{At a large house party}

Mike: See that asshaberdasher over there?
Linda: Yeah, he's goading the crowd into total and complete asshattery! What a fucking buttsnoipe!!!
by Telephony November 27, 2011
Means the exact same thing a "fuck yourself"; but bypasses the onboard censors found on many internet BBSs.
If you're thinking about getting on my toilet muscle about the damn unmade bed, then please go FV¢K yourself. I know the bed's unmade!!!
by Telephony August 18, 2011
Computer-generated music.
That awsome zax in the Dominator loader for the Commodore 64 computer was written by Matt Gray.
by Telephony April 30, 2011
An alternate phrase that is simply another way of saying "litterbox".

Called the "plastic cat toliet" because litterboxes are generally made of plastic and they have but one function: a cat pisses & shits into it -- thus making it a toliet for cats.
Craig, it's time to clean out the plastic cat toliet; it's getting awfully full!!!
by Telephony December 24, 2011
To shoot somebody with a gun; shooting in such a manner that the target is either dead as a doorknob or unable to walk away.
Did you hear that Bernie in Seattle got hosed down last week?

I so want to hose down that dumb stupid enemabag, but I don't want to go to jail.
by Telephony September 14, 2010
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