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This is a practice of religious people who publicly make religious opinion based assertions and/or quote verses from their holy book in order to reassure themselves in their religious beliefs, especially around other believers. This often happens in online forums, where religious people gather.

Masturbating your faith beliefs in public.
The god believers were quoting scripture and repeating catch phrases from their "holy" book and generally Faithsturbating all over each other. It was hilarious hearing them actually believe the fairy tales in their bronze age folklore
by tekphreak December 30, 2011
Rifles equipped with Military Targeting scopes with bible verse serial numbers made by Trijicon
U.S Soldier: I just sent that terrorist to Allah using my new Jesus Rifle! God bless you, trijicon.com!
by tekphreak January 21, 2010
The feeling of being bombarded by the news media of clips of the departed singer Whitney Houston to the point of being sick of it.
"Man, the media really has been showing so many clips of Whitney Houston and it's sad that she's dead, but I've heard it so much I have Whitlash."
by tekphreak February 18, 2012
When you have not eaten breakfast and its already between noon and 3pm in your local time zone, and you eat some lunch type food.
I slept so late that me and the missus had to go get some brunchfast out.
by tekphreak January 03, 2010
Someone who does not believe the still as of yet unproven arrogant theistic claim that "God exists" despite the total lack of empirical evidence for any God(s) what so ever, and despite having thousands of years head start to find any.
Arrogant theist:God loves you!

Skeptical atheist: Prove it.

Arrogant theist: (walking away) That Hellbound atheist is such a scoffer just because I can't actually prove God exists.
by tekphreak March 12, 2013

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