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Term used when leaving a friend - as like a good gesture or motivation slang. Similar to saying good luck and have fun at the same time. Also can be said to someone before a fight to the person you hope will win.
Cory told Tessa to "Cuck it up tonight" on her way to Beau Jacks.
by Teemo July 13, 2006
Stool that has the shape of a ball.
Certainly not something you would want in a sandwich or stew.
"Excuse me, I think there is a cuckball in my soup"
by teemo July 11, 2006
It is an abbreviation of saying "Swear on the friendship no crosses count." The original abbreviation was "S F on the Ny's N C" - pronounced (S F on the enys N C). Over time that abbreviation became just simple S F, which than eventually became Bada Bee. You can never lie when someone asks "Bada Bee." It would be the ultimate act of deception and end ones friendship with that person immediately.
Chet: Yo I banged that girl over there last night.

Jeebs: Bada bee

Chet: No.
by Teemo March 30, 2007
Small circumscribed stool. Yiddish origin.
Interchangeable with the term cuckballs.
"Oh man, I could not believe my eyes. When I looked in the toilet- I counted 25 cuckies! 25!"
by Teemo July 16, 2006
Slang word for stool; Yiddish origin .
"After eating a brisket sandwich i immediately had to cuck."

"I told the doctor I had some blood in my cuck."
by Teemo July 10, 2006
The act of taking a cuck. In reference to cuck; (yiddish in origin) which is the word for stool.
After I cucked I felt much better. Unfortunately, the smell was so pungent it sent Old Man Johnson into a seizure.
by Teemo August 01, 2006
Interchangeable with the word good.
"How was the bar last night?" Jasper asked.
"It was goose!" Jenny said.


"Yo, goose job on the test!" Timothy said to Snapper.
by Teemo December 21, 2006

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