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A night where girls get together to gossip about everything, gossip about their relationships, watch boring movies about love and romance, discuss fashion tips, discuss their evil plans of controlling their boyfriends/husbands, or simply find an excuse to talk for no reson whatsoever.
And afterwards, they go home and talk to each other on the phone for hours about their night out.
by teeheehee August 23, 2003
(n) one who is always up to mischief, in Norse Mythology, a sniper who carries the clone with the element OBNOXIOUS NOOB. It is rumored that this clone is the one and only Tsuri, however this of course cannot be true. Also see Shian.
Omg it was teh Kharpern I swear >_>.
by Teeheehee January 21, 2005
(n) one who is obsessed with weaponry specifically guns and blades.
"YOUR FACE" said teh Nitsuj.
by Teeheehee January 21, 2005
(n) a person who will take any given number from two to fifteen days to clean her room, overuses the tilde as a punctuation mark and the hybrid expression "<3"; other than that a very friendly and sincere person who tries her best to help around.
OMFG teh JINXY! <3<3
by Teeheehee January 21, 2005
(n) A somewhat large sized nerdy merchant who often talks in n00bspeak.
hahahahahahah look it's Shian rofl ahahaha
by Teeheehee January 21, 2005
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