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go-get'ems- your newest, freshest, and cleanest clothes/outfit to go out and pull some ho's in
1) Hey maine I'm gonna throw on my go-get'ems before we head out to da club.

2) Look at dat nigga lookin clean, he got his go-get'ems on.
by tee-k May 03, 2006
A term used to describe smoking weed aka pot, trees, erb, whateva.
Hey maine you what you gonna be doing later on tonight?
Poof'n maine poof'n, trying to high as the sky.
by tee-k May 25, 2006
Basicaly a code word used around earjacking muthafucka's that refers to having intercourse.
1) While at work in his cube surrounded by earjacking co-workers Jamal was talking on the phone to Tanisha, the local hood rat/chickenheadabout their plans for the evening. Tanisha was telling him over the phone that she is feeling real hot and horny, alley cat throbbing and all. Jamal said biachI can't wait to get off work so we can do the slip-and-slide. Tanisha said niggaI can't wait to cum all over your magic stick.
by tee-k May 21, 2006
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