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A combination of the word "question" inside of the word "speech." It's a question posed at a public event in such a way that the person asking it actually delivers a speech before the person being asked can respond. The person usually disagrees with the speaker.

Coined by debators in Northern California's high school debate organization, Junior State of America, in the early 2000s.

When Eduardo stood up to ask the debator about his position on nuclear power, he squeeched about how bad it was for several minutes before the audience shouted him down with "Squeech! Squeech!"

At the political rally, one person from the audience got up to ask about the candidate's position on the war, but squeeched about 911 government conspiracy until the candidate accused him of being a plant.
by tee bee November 13, 2007
Using one's position as a teacher or educator to advocate for a certain political or social position, particularly when the methods go beyond the bounds of appropriate critical education. The noose incident at Alma J. Brown Elementary was a case of edvocacy that subjected small children to mock lynching.
At Alma J. Brown Elementary in Louisiana, during the fall of 2007, edvocacy was used in a mock lynching to teach children about current events involving racism.
by tee bee October 06, 2007
Psync is the blog phenomenon of people (commenters) throwing out ideas that don't necessarily agree, but help them or the blogger arrive at a great idea (or answer) that probably wouldn't have happened without the comments section chat.

It can occur in general dialogue, but is more easily tracked in online forums.

It's the psychological version of the Hegel/Kantian philosophy thesis + antithesis = synthesis.
Thesis comment: Weird. McCain's VP pick has a baby, and the Daily Kos readers say there's a rumor that it was actually her daughter's.

Antithesis comment: But now they're admitting the daughter is pregnant, and Palin only had that other baby a few months ago.

Synthesis comment: Maybe the psync is that somebody leaked the anouncement, but got it messed up.

See Althouse blog, entry: althouse.blogspot.com/2008/09/sarah-palins-daughter-bristol-is.html; see usage entry: mwguide.blogspot.com/2008/09/palin-pregnancy-psync.html
by tee bee September 02, 2008
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