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2 definitions by tedesco

Brasilian expression that can be used as an expletive, like "puta que pariu, to atrasado!" - fuck, I'm late!
Can also mean something similar to "go fuck yourself" - "vá pra puta que pariu".
Literally means "(to) the whore who had you (or it)".
Another meaning is somewhere too far away: "fica lá na puta que pariu..." - "it's fucking far away..."
Puta que pariu, eu detesto esse cara! - Hell, I hate that guy!

A casa do cara é lá na puta que pariu! - the bud's house is fucking far away!

Quer saber? Cansei, vá pra puta que pariu!
- You know what? I'm tired, go fuck yourself!
by tedesco August 02, 2008
100 26
used as a negative argument, expressing disbelief for any situation or sentence - not to use around formal people, unless very close to you (as in a business meeting with some old partners, for example).

Can also be used as a synonim to beat someone really hard.
O cara é rico? Rico o cacete! Ele não tem nada! - That guy, rich? No fucking way! He ain't got nothing!

Você é o chefe aqui? O cacete! Zé Maluco é que é o chefe! - You're the boss here? My ass! Zé Maluco is the Boss!

Se ele não parar, vou dar um cacete nesse cara! - If he doesn't stop, I'm gonna beat the guy's face up!

A policia chegou e desceu o cacete! - The cops arrived and beat everybody down!
by tedesco August 02, 2008
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