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The act of hiding in a girlfriends room covered in a white sheet dressed as a ghost. Then, when she is sleeping you spook her and ejaculate on her creating a scenario in which a ghost haunted her and touched her with its ectoplasm. You then knock her out and proceed with the Milwaukee Ghost Buster.
"So guys, I think its time for the Milwaukee Slimer. She will never see me cumming."
by teddygrahams March 02, 2009
After finishing with the Milwaukee Slimer, you run into her room with some pals and ask if she has seen a ghost. You then tell her she needs to strip naked to make sure the ghost hasn't harmed her in any way. You then tell her that you are professionals and you are here to find Gozer the Gozerian. You then gang bang her. But remember to never cross beams as total protonic reversal might result.
"You should have seen her take the Milwaukee Ghost Buster. We almost ended life as we know it when John and I nearly touched beams.
by teddygrahams March 02, 2009
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