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5 definitions by technosquid

a very rare species of praying mantice. they like to eat their men alive. also know as a blow job or perhaps a micheal dry hump. these rare insects spend their days on a asian leaf called GD. they are unique because they have a hat shaped growth on their heads and they lack the ability to remove it.
person one: "hey check out that bug! its wearing a hat!
person 2: "no...thats a woodkeleah. its a amazing cocksucker!
by technosquid November 22, 2009
The rare Leahtwodicks is a distant relative of the Woodkeleah.
you see this deadly creature not only posses two human penis guns made out of Madonna flesh, it is also constantly on fire.
this naturally makes it a extreme danger to the dainty and precious Katit bird. they are highly flammable and they secrete a viscous slime that attracts the Leahtwodicks. many nature enthusiast are working together to save the beautiful Katit species and eradicate the awful Leahtwodick thing.
Tour Guide :"and here we see the mystical Katit you see- OH NO! it seems to have attracted the dreaded Leahtwodicks!! oh no. DOES SOMEONE HAVE A GUN?!"
Passerby: "here!"
-throws shotgun-

-huge sigh of relief.
by technosquid July 21, 2010
An individual plagued by a chronic disorder know as Assaholisim; an obsession or repeated mention of all that is ass. This poor individual will reference anal at least 4 times in a conversation and has also been rumored to have a slight Asian fetish. Some signs of being an Assaholic include:

· Excessive tutting.

· An extreme fondness for piffle plants.

· Casual use of ^^ symbols.

· They have also been known to cohabit with chinchillas.

If you ever encounter an Assaholic it is recommended you remove all kippers from your person and proceed with caution.
Innocent lil thang: "GEH!! Where is my belt!?"

Creeper: "Maybe it's in your ass!"

Innocent lil thang: "...Why would it be in my ass?"

Creeper: "Too much anal?"

Innocent lil thang: "You are such an Ass·a·holic."
by technosquid October 17, 2010
a female who has used a dildo/dick so much their vagina literally resembles a black hole. also in extreme cases the vagina gains the ability to suck up all on its path.some have even reported developing teeth, this is refered to as hacunamatata syndrome
person one: " i don't use a dildo, i actually have a life."
person 2 : "oh no you don't blackhole vagina!"
by technosquid November 22, 2009
An enclosed area that is both stuffy and cramped. Often found to have an elevated temperature.
Lover: "Why'd you go outside babydoll?"
Cricket: "It was way to cruft in my room..."
by technosquid August 26, 2011