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A term for the glut of Internet startup companies that have now gone out of business. The word gained popularity after the stock market correction beginning in March, 2000 when many such dot-coms went under.
Determined not to become dot-compost, monster.com reevaluated their businness model and marketting plan.
by technodude March 13, 2005
The combination of the words cell pone and television, cellevision is a service which broadcasts live and on-demand television to your mobile phone. It has been a buzzword in the wireless "m-tertainment" industry since the late 1990s, and is now being used more frequently by the general public as the technology advances and becomes widely available.

*Some people abreviate the world cellevision as "CV", just as the word television is abreviated "TV".
The boredom of the waiting room was palpable, so I decided to check the news and sports on cellevision.
by technodude March 13, 2005
Short for "mobile entertainment", m-tertainment includes movies, music, cellevision, and games received on a wireless phone. It is quickly becoming a major sector of the wireless industry, and the term is being used more and more by the general public as the technology advances.
It is estimated that 20% of wireless phone owners use some sort of m-tertainment services, and that number is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years.
by technodude March 13, 2005

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