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3 definitions by technocactus

The experience you have at aiming your pee.
Harold has so much xpee he glued his toilet seat down.

Dude, you have like level one xpee.
by technocactus March 18, 2009
23 5
The large amount of comments, attention, and shock by people about your hair right after it's cut.
"That haircut fallout will be soooo long with your new style."
by technocactus May 26, 2009
7 1
The act of transferring material from one pair of pants to another when you change them. This includes the removal of useless trash.
Mom: "What happened to the change from the $20 I gave you for the textbook?"

Son: "It probably got lost in pocket transfer."
by technocactus October 28, 2009
5 0