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A show about a obnoxious fat guy and his big nose wife and mentally disturbed daughter, dumb older son, and evil turned gay baby, and talking dog. When it it first aired, it was okay but got old real quick and was canceled but brought back because of popular demand by geeky thirteen to sixteen year olds who bought all the first few seasons on DVD memorizing every joke because they think random piss poor puns are comedic gold. Ever since then, it has gone on a slow decline to the point where the writers just rely on cheap gags and two to three minute long unfunny flashbacks and stupid musical notes. Yes there are some good episodes but for every good one there are ten bad ones. If you really look at it, it's nothing more than a cheap rip off of the much better in comedy and animation the Simpsons. The characters are annoying, the the plots happen in the last ten minutes while the first ten to twelve is just random unfunny crap and worst of all the show gets preachy to the point where you can't stand thinking about it.
Plus the creator, Seth McFarlane is nothing but an arrogant prick who makes fun of people that don't agree with him or Bill Maher but fails every time.
13-16 year old geek: Hey did you watch Family Guy last night, it was so funny!

Normal Person: No because I'm not a retard with no friends who thinks a fat guy trying to pick up a dead frog with a shoe box for five minutes is funny.
by techkid41 April 12, 2011

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