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person possessing excellent qualities
Surber is one bad mamma jamma he is the whole package.
by Teaspoon August 28, 2006
When the ponyboy of the group is being a sonhead. He will try and bum smokes, ask who needs a boot and then expects them to drink him up, and always ask people with more weed then him to match.
Hey, ponyson! i dont need a fuckin boot!
by teaspoon April 24, 2012
A stupid ass white boy who mooches kronic, hash, beers, shots and ciggarettes. he is a son.
BEN : Hey can i grab as smoke

spencer : quit bein a goofson!
by teaspoon April 24, 2012
A sonhead who pisses off the group for being a megason in public. He also trys to steal weed from his buddies.
Brad! put that nug back you goofbitch!
by teaspoon April 24, 2012

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