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The boss who is not a boss....the man who is not a man....the legend who is not a legend...he is above all beneath none. Loud pompous powerful. Julian symbolizes what men aspire to...fearless around women...intimidated by none. In the gym he puts up or shuts up. Of course an ex football player who not only grows in mass from highschool but in confidence to.
"If I had a little more "BIG JULES" in me I would run this town"

"BIG JULES" is coming out tonight????? Girls then get wet

Just like "BIG JULES" said...."if shes old enough to pee shes old enough for me...if theres grass on the field its playable"

Yea that was a sick keg stand...but no one can beat "BIG JULES"

"BIG JULES" is the boss....a funneling master
by teamgetsome June 29, 2010
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