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Boot-leg, doesnt live up to the hype.

Needs extra tools to get it to work as advertised.
Man, these aint real rolexes!! They JOOKY!!
by TDot September 10, 2004
Created as an alternative word for 'breasts' or 'boobies' or 'titties'. Some say it denotes 'smooth boobies', but this is not always the case, for all women have smoobies but they are not all smooth.
'Does this shirt make my smoobies look bigger?'

'I wish my smoobies were smaller..'

'Gimme dem smoobies!'
by Tdot February 11, 2005
a state-of-the-art highway in the GTA (suburban Toronto) that stretches from the QEW to Highway 7. What makes it so world class is that it uses video tolling, the first in the world to do so. It was built in 1996 by the government of Ontario, and has since leased it to a private company for 99 years. Anybody can access it without signing up, a bill will automatically be mailed to you. The only flaw it has is that users outside of Ontario have unlimited access, while users inside of Ontario have to pay. The smoothest and only highway that you won't be stuck in 10km/h traffic during rush hour.
We travel on the 407 to avoid traffic jams.
by tdot August 08, 2004
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