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6 definitions by tdogg

to copy to imitate
don't be bitin my style
by tdogg July 16, 2003
34 10
A song dedicated to Ray "Benzino" Scott for his truly gay rapping and truly gay magazine. Eminem pwns Benzino in the disses.
It is time to put the nail in the coffin on Gay Benzino.
by tdogg August 19, 2003
71 52
no you did not
"No you di'int just go there."
by tdogg May 19, 2003
24 7
erect pulsating cock, hard on
dat bitch got him throbbin yo
by tdogg July 16, 2003
27 15
n. the act or state of sexual intercourse refering to the pubic hair of the female. origin: Baltimore,Maryland.
I'm going to get me some fur tonight.
by tdogg December 29, 2003
95 95
sexually excited, longing for an fucking
dat dude so horny for my homie his azz be twitchin
by tdogg July 16, 2003
13 28