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A stick used to chop up a turd that is to big to flush.
"Damn that's a big one, someone get me the poopstick."
by TCW00dy March 16, 2004
1. Someone or something that seems to be behind you everytime you turn around, as if they are mounted to your ass.
2. A person who always has to do everything with you even though you don't want them to.
3. A pet that constantly follows you around the house and gets in your way.
1. "Get the hell off me you Ass Mount."
2. "Stop being suck an Ass Mount and get your own damn life."
3. "Dude, your dog is such an Ass Mount, every where I go I'm tripping over him."
by TCW00dy March 16, 2004
lips that are stuck out like a duck, usualy from too much dick sucking, causing your lips to cramp and stay frozen in a dick sucking position.
"Damn girl, you'll have to wait till you lose that blowers cramp before you'll be able to whistle again."
by TCW00dy March 17, 2004
Cramps caused by to much pipe smoking, usualy effecting the lips and eyes. Often mistaken for blowers cramp
simptums include, purked out lips still in the pipe sucking position and crossed eyes that are still focused about 3-5 inches past the nose(where the lighter would be). May also cause some slurred speach.
"Dude what's wrong with your face, your Crack Pipe Cramps are so bad you can't even look straight.
by TCW00dy March 17, 2004
A nickname for that hippy smelling shit petrulie.
"Hey dude, you smell like basement dirt"
by TCW00dy March 17, 2004
Someone who is of lesser inteligence or has a tendency to do stupid things. A more politicaly correct alternative to the word retarded.
"Why do you always act like your Reduced."
by TCW00dy March 17, 2004
Refures to something that comes in an extremely large size or quantity, means super sized.
"Yeah... let me get a number three, can I get that Fat Bitch Size with a Diet Coke, and some sweet and sour sauce.
by TCW00dy March 17, 2004

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