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Pretty Much Fucked - An expression to someone or a realization by oneself that their situation is beyond hope. A simple statement of fact concerning situation, circumstance or quality.
Dude, you flunked chemistry? Your chances of getting into Harvard are PMF.

I can't believe I called him a prick. Our chances of getting back together are PMF.

You really trashed your car, man. It's definitely PMF.
by tcher2 December 29, 2009
The condition whereby a person must wear dentures. Toothless. Using poorly made, ill-fitting, or gigantically huge dentures that look scary to children.
I want you to look at those choppers kids. That's how you look when you're poligriptic.

Since I lost my teeth, I've become poligriptic.

You kids better brush your teeth or you might become poligriptic like Grandma!
by tcher2 December 29, 2009
A temporary and amusing speech impediment that develops after braces have been installed on one's teeth.
I couldn't understand you, Johnny. Did you say you need to go to the baff woom? Oh, you mean 'bath room', don't you? I forgot you have an ortholisp.

When I got my braces, I got this dang orffolithp (ortholisp).

He's such a geek. I mean, he was bad, but now that he's orthodolispic, he's impossible to understand.
by tcher2 December 29, 2009
An extended episodic torture devised by vengeful parents whereby their middle school children routinely miss most or all of a school day but can't enjoy it because they have had their braces tightened.
I need to go to the nurse's office for some Tylenol because I got orthodontisized today.

I need to leave school today at 9:30 because I'm getting orthodontisized.

I got orthodontisized this morning, so I can't eat a caramel apple.
by tcher2 December 29, 2009
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