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1. Individual target in a crowd of people.
2. Boisterous greeting.
3. Shaddap!
1. Hey, Piluzo!
2. Yo, Piluso!
3. Enough, Piluso!
by Tberks August 29, 2004
Became metrosexual.
Became an architect.
Received a hip haircut.
Bought a brown-striped shirt.
Drank a latte.
That fucking hippie graduated college and has gone metro.
by tberks August 30, 2004
Term used by single, semi-depressed, 30-something, cat-owning women describing strait, single men who will not date them.
I haven’t gone on a date in over a year. I’m just so sick of how every man in this town is either married, dating or is metrosexual.
by tberks August 30, 2004
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