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A magic place of entrance, in which people can enter a place then remove the entry hole by closing it. It prevents drafts and people seeing you fuck. Also zombies can't open them.
"Phil, check out that sweet door, you can walk through it, go on walk through it you silly cunt"
by tbelphegor January 17, 2009
A sweet song by Megadeth, written by Dave Mustaine when he was still in Metallica, they took it and changed it to four horseman. Mustaine responded by making it really fuckin' fast and putting it on Megadeth's debut album killing is my business, which is also amazing. It is about working in a garage and fucking a female customer.
"make my drive shaft crank, make my pistons bulge, make my ball bearing melt from the heat." Lyrics to mechanix
by tbelphegor February 19, 2009
Bastardization of the term 'Brownie points'.

The term refers to how close a man is to being allowed anal sex by his partner. Brown-eye points being earned by good deeds and therefore having more of them means the likelyhood of being allowed the sexual act is greater.
Guy 1: My wife still won't let me try anal.

Guy 2: Obviously you haven't earned enough brown-eye points yet.
by tbelphegor November 03, 2011
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