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girlss that use orange cover up , girls that o.d on bronzer girls that think that conceiler is lipstick . girls woth fake blonce chunky streaks girls that shop at "foxy lady" girls that shop at epic ... girls with fake accents .. hylan nails sound familiar !!! girls with shovels or spoons as nails with cheesy neon colors .. girls that over use the words whore fuck bitch slut.. girls that call their best friends whores and sluts ... girls that wear paintss a little too tight .. girls that their face doesnt match there neck .. girls that have sun burn on there asses in the winter ... girls that go tanning every day ... girls that have juicy written across their ass ..girls that have myspace ... girls that think cursing makes them sound good .. girls that think that they are tough because their from new york ..yehh and its new york not new yawk ! girls that hate when people copy them but copy everyone else .. girls that know the words to be my bad boy ... everytime we touch miracle and every mariah carey song there is .. girls that get excited when staten island is mentioned in a song or movie basiclly fake girls ...
girl 1 omg im amm soo not a staten island girl ...
girl 2: like yah i know do you wanna go to foxy lady and get that shirt that says triple five soul on it that everyone has .. and if i see a girl with it on i think i might like fight her omg !!
by taylorrvee January 24, 2006

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