139 definitions by taylor

The act of being immature

the term became popular on the evening of 4/19/04

the term originates from one emily O.
that bitch was filled with immatureness
by Taylor April 19, 2004
the high concentration of glucose in spoo
I got my daily recommended value of spoo sucking Rick off last night.
by Taylor November 13, 2003
when the vaginal lips of a woman resemble that of a platypus bill
whoa man did you see the vagiplatypus on her!
by Taylor April 18, 2007
a person who is so shitty that the shitties piece of shit from the shitties metropolis(city)is not as shitty as them
dude.......kris your such trash metropolis i rather hang out with that cocaine addicted alcoholic bum over there
by Taylor October 16, 2006
smoking marijuana with a group of close friends
"dude, let's chill with the pud"


"you got the salmon?"
by taylor March 13, 2005
somebody who is just way past a 5 or a 7 in tha face and body
Chingy is a dime
by Taylor November 24, 2003
A person who is an alcoholic.
Good God Billy Fog Boss look at that six packer.
by Taylor November 20, 2004

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