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Small town in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.
Home to wealthy elderly types and preppy young ones.
Also home to Brewster Acadamy, 9-12 prep. school known worldwide and the local regional school; Kingswood Regional High School and the Region 9 Vocational School.
Mary: "Hey, where do you live?"

Seb. : "Oh just over in Wolfeboro"

Mary: "Lucky you, what do you do over there? Swim?"
by taveywavey April 24, 2007
The most Fabulous thing ever.
3x the fabulous-ness of saying "fab".
more fab. than fantabulous.
Seb: "Were you at that party the other night?"

Mary: "Yeah, it was fabbityfabfab!!"
by taveywavey April 24, 2007
Expression used when one is in utmost shock and uberly surprised--usually in a good way.
Seb: "I'm going to England for College"
Trina: "Ohmygiddygodstrousers!!!"
by taveywavey April 24, 2007
What you say on AIM when there is nothing else to say.
A way of asking if the person types much.
hxcfreak: so i was like totally chillin'

goggleyed: orly?

hxcfreak: uhuh

goggleyed; qwerty much?

hxcfreak: cheaman. fosho
by Taveywavey June 25, 2007
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