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getting pumped in the ass with a big dick and smacked with a pair of sticky smelly balls creating a distinctive sound.

translation: salchichon - salami / papa - potato

Hey mami, I want to give you a salchichon con papa.
by tash and georgy November 12, 2006
a game that sexually frustrated, in-the-closet gay boys play.

Dennis: Hey man, my hands are full, can you grab my keys for me? They're in my pocket.

James: Sure dude.

Dennis: (smiles)

James: (reaches real deep into his pocket)

James: Hey! You don't have any keys in your pocket and how come your pockets have been cut out?
by tash and georgy November 12, 2006
a derrogatory term used to describe someone who is just plain annoying to you, male or female. Literal translation: someone who likes penis so much they are presently sucking on one instead of paying attention to what is going on around them. A simpleton.
Driver #1: Look at this fucking pinga lover!

Driver #2 (Pinga lover): Cuts off driver #1 and doesn't even realize it.
by tash and georgy November 12, 2006
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