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1. Music and words organized into a usually short and catchy composition.

2. A descriptive word for when you buy something for an amazingly cheap price.
1. "Dr. Worm" by They Might Be Giants is a briliant song!

2. I got two ancient 8 bit Nintendos at my neighbor's garage sale for a song.
by tangerine February 22, 2004
Stronger form of weja. Extremely hot piece of ass.
Damn, just LOOK at that weja!
by Tangerine October 30, 2004
(n.) - a tree

(v.) - an action performed on one's mother; usually an exclaimation or threat/insult.
(n.) - "The leaves in that yim yam are gorgeous at this time of the year."

(v.) - 1) "I yim yammed your mom!"
2) "I yimmed your mom's yam!"
by Tangerine February 28, 2005
A passive-aggressive bitch. Sort of a 'bitchette' as it were. A spinoff from biotchand biatch.

Commonly combined with 'ho', as in, chachie ho.
Girl 1: My boss Linda won't just come out and say she hates me. She just acts all snippy.

Girl 2: What a chachie.
by tangerine February 22, 2004

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