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A nerdy, typically Asian person who does nothing but study all day, has no life and will eventually be your downfall on an exam. Somebody who gets well above average on an exam, thereby causing the curve to be higher and subsequently earning the hatred of all non curve fuckers in the class.
Guy 1:Man that exam raped me.
Guy 2: Haha yea man I almost got raped too, but luckily I was able to copy from that one curve fucker sitting next to me.
Guy 1: Fuck you
#asian #nerd #smart #study #socially awkward
by tamiltiger1 February 08, 2011
Staying up studying until abnormally late hours (at least until 6 AM) until you hear an obnoxious black custodian, who randomly laughs super loudly at 6 AM outside your window and annoys the living fuck out of you when you are already sleep deprived. Typically occurs before midterms or finals, or in the case of an Engineering major, twice a week. Variations may also be observed such as the super trash fucker in which you do not sleep until 11 or 12 and are able to get lunch before you sleep.
Dude I'm so tired right now, I've pulled two straight trashfuckers for this stupid midterm.
#sleep #sleep deprived #black guy #custodian #engineering
by tamiltiger1 February 08, 2011
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