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1. Used to express disdain or dissatisfaction with someone (usually male) showing reluctance or fear

2. A taunt
1.Dude, why won't you go to the club? I think you have sand in your pussy.

2. You are no fun. You always have sand in your pussy.
by Tallula March 31, 2003
a little dwarf man often forgotton by his wife. he has purple thing on his neck which he cleans with a tooth brush. he looks like a music conductor, he is a substiite teacher goin by the name of mr robinson. he is really a lepricaun who dances round toad stools wearing a pink fairy dress
haha look at that perrgrin dance

perrygrins comin lmao

wot the hell is that small man with grey hair doin to that squirrel
by tallula January 09, 2004
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